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Visa Interview Questions

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1. Where can I submit my visa application?


You can submit the visa application to the German Consulate/VFS Global Office. But before this, please check as to which of these jurisdictions your current address belongs to. Find your consulate.

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2. Can my visa application be prepared by German Visa Centre?


No, visa applications will not be prepared by The German Visa Application Center. But it only accepts and processes the applications as per Embassy’s instructions.

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3. How early can I apply?


Applicants can apply for German visa 90 days before their actual date of travel to Germany.

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4. Can my application be processed on the same day that I submit it at the Germany Visa Application Centre?


No, it can’t be processed on the same day unless it is authorized by the Embassy. Even if you request them for emergency visa processing, still it can’t be done. This is only possible if there is extreme medical circumstance.

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5. Can I get my visa directly at any German airport?


No, you must get it before leaving your country.

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6. Can I still submit my application, even though my sponsorship letter has expired?


Certainly not. If your sponsorship letter is expired, it can’t be accepted. Remember, more than six months old sponsorship letters will not be accepted.

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7. My passport is about to expire, can I still get my visa?


You can’t. In order get the visa, your passport must be valid for at least next 6 months.

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8. Why my visa got refused with no explanation?


The VFS authority only extends the documentation and application process. The issuing of visas is solely at the discretion of the Embassy / Consulate. So Revealing the reason for refusal will be decided by consulate. The refusal letter which is given by consulate, normally states the reason for refusal.

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9. How do I get my passport back from Visa Application Center?


A few weeks after your Visa Interview, you will get an email saying your passport is ready for collection. Once you get this notice from VSC, visit the consulate and collect your passport.

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10. Can I send my application by post or through courier?


No. If you are unable submit it in person, submit it through authorized travel agent.

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11. For what reasons my visa application is taking longer time than I anticipated?


Probably one of these reasons:

1. Non payment of fees

2. Improper paper work

3. Verification of documentation and data

4. Unexpected inadmissibility


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