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The transcript is a consolidated list of all the courses and grades of bachelor’s degree. It is provided by your bachelor’s institute on request. This is an essential document while applying for a masters course.

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Contact your institute/university from where you have completed your bachelordegree and request them to prepare transcripts for you.

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request at least 5 or more transcripts depending upon numer of univeristy you are planning to apply for

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Generally institute/univeristy will charge you certain fee depending on the number of transcripts you have requested .

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the transcripts you receive must (i)Must be in institution envolope (ii) signed by college authority (iii) sealed.

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The transcript must indicate the overall grade. Ideally, it should also indicate the credit system used (e.g. overall credits obtained = 200) and the grading system (max and min grades).

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In most cases, you will send the transcript along with your application. But for few universities, you may be asked to upload the scanned copy of the transcript.

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The notarized copies of transcripts may not be accepted by universities. It is always recommended to send the original copy.

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Transcript is different from a grade card.

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